MS1 2008-2009

  • Started Scholarship Pathways Program – 2 Blogs
  • Tutored high school algebra & physical science – for a freshman
  • Volunteer for community ambulance – 36 hours on call per week
  • Created and managed student digital test file
  • Helped promote AMA 5K – poster and website
  • Volunteered 15 hours with Dance Marathon to create promotional video
  • Spent time doing some freelance photography work
  • Helped start and promote MSAA
  • Worked with Andy Novick to create class video
  • Gave STD talk to Parker High School sophomore class with Liz Davis
  • Active member of Brain Interest Group (BIG)
  • Avera Clinical First Steps
  • Private Pilot’s License = July 31st ASEL

MS2 2009-2010

  • Continued Scholarship Pathways Program – 2 Blogs
  • Tutored high school biology – for a sophomore
  • Volunteer for community ambulance – 24 hours on call per week (Fall semester)
  • Continued to manage student digital test file and MSAA website
  • Sea Plane License and training = September 6th ASES + ASEL
  • Created a “Why is physics important for medical school” video with Ryan Sivertson & Andy Ridder
  • Instructor for EMT Basic course – taught human anatomy & physiology, vital signs & SAMPLE history taking, pharmacology, respiratory system, cardiac system, recognition and treatment of bleeding and shock
  • Assisted with promotion of class morale booster – MS2 MVP of the Week! (Andy Novick and Jordan Nordquist)
  • Worked on the Code of Professional Conduct (CPC)Task Force, and was a key player in adding language specifically to provide clarification or addition of information regarding the use of internet social networking and other technology issues.
  • Spent time doing some freelance photography work
  • Volunteered to help undergraduate pre-med society with square knot tying (Many other medical students involved – Cathy Logue and Dr. Yutrzenka oversaw the “skills lab”)
  • Helped promote AMA 5K – poster, brochure, and website (Carl Rasmussen)

MS3 2010-2011

  • Continued Scholarship Pathways Program – 2 Blogs (discontinued one started a new)
  • Setup workshop on Social Networking
  • Tutored high school chemistry – for a junior
  • Attended Creighton University Esophageal Conference – Dr. Trail
  • Volunteered 8 hours with Coyoteopoly (Local philanthropy group collecting donations for the Vermillion Food Pantry) as a driver
  • Appointed President of the USD SSOM AMA-Medical Student Section (MSS) for the Yankton campus
  • Helped promote AMA-5K for the third year – updated and maintained website
  • Volunteered a day to help MS2s learn how to suture
  • Volunteered to speak to Pre-meds about medical school
  • Volunteered to help fit school children with bicycle helmets
  • Published essay Does a stereotypical surgical personality exist? in the South Dakota Medicine Journal

MS4 2011-2012

    • Continued Scholarship Pathways Program – 2 Blogs
    • Published original case study MRSA peritonitis secondary to perforation of sigmoid diverticulitis. in the South Dakota Medicine Journal
    • Learned the basics of HTML 5, CSS 3, and PHP to finish earlier version of this website
    • Volunteered as a subject for fMRI research