Artifacts – Website

According to Google, and artifact is:

an object made by a human being, typically an item of cultural or historical interest

In this case, artifacts on my website have been projects that I find interesting, and are of historical interest to me, as they highlight my growth in projects.

In this inaugural edition of adding artifacts, I’d like to link to my previous websites in an effort to show the evolution of this website over the last 10+ years.

2006 – my first ePortfolio, built from HTML through Dreamweaver.  Hit the “Home” button up in the top right corner to enter the website.  Many of the links are broken, and the website requires flash to work properly.  Should you be using a browser that does not have FLASH installed, you will just see “missing plug-in” everywhere.


2008 – In all my experience from the first ePortfolio, I redesigned the entire website for a more modern look.  FLASH plug-ins are still required, but the website has a more refined look, and is an interesting snapshot of my life at this time just before medical school.


As I entered medical school, I was officially not a technology fellow any more.  So I had to decide, do I let the ePortfolio die, or do I continue it myself.  I felt that I couldn’t let my website die and stay behind with my undergraduate years.  I officially bought the domain “” and started building my third version of the website.  At this point, flash was no longer the standard of the internet.  CSS now becoming the norm.  This was a pivotal time for the website, going from a mandatory portion of my fellowship, to a professional marketing tool for my online persona.

First attempt – did not like the layout, and it was difficult to incorporate the photos.  I ultimately decided I wanted a layout with cleaner lines.

Second attempt – I liked this layout a lot better, but felt that there were too many boxes to fill.

Third time is a charm.  This ultimately became in 2012.


Since I had the server space and the ability, I offered my services to others.

At one point my mother thought she was going to open a home-made soap business.  I drafted this as her potential website.  However, her business never came to fruition.

I also ran some websites while I was in medical school.  One was a philanthropy website for an AMA 5K organized by the medical school students.  Unfortunately, I was not able to continue upkeep for this website, and its been at a standstill since 2013.

Unfortunately there are a few other website projects that have been lost in the chaos of life, whether that be old failed hard drives or just lost in the pathway of life.

As I look through these websites, its cool to see the evolution of this site through the years, and hope to keep these available for the future by documenting them here as one of my first artifacts of the new website upgrade.