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Well the time has come to update ShawnVuong [dot] com.  I have been in residency for 4 years now, and have not had any time to update or write on the blog, but I have now entered my PGY-5 year and the time is now.  At the University of Cincinnati neurosurgery residency, the PGY-5 year is currently our “professional development” year.  This year I am working in the Mangano Lab at CCHMC.  I am very excited to be working out genetic mechanisms of congenital hydrocephalus.  As a result of being in the lab, I have significantly less clinical duties, which allows me to have time to update this site.

The overall look of the site has obviously changed drastically, but so has the actual build of the website.  All of my previous e-portfolio and website projects were created using Dreamweaver software, which required me to learn HTML, CSS, and PHP.  This is time consuming and can be onerous to update and format.  There were times when I was making the previous versions of the website that I found myself spending whole weekends trying to code an object to position itself in the browser, where I wanted it to be.  Given the amazing rate of increased technology and improved ease of website building over the last 4-5 years, I have come to appreciate the customization of WordPress.  As a result, this entire website rebuild only took a couple weeks with the help of WordPress.  I chose this platform because of my previous familiarity with the software, but also due to the ease of setup, the ability to quickly change an entire website’s look but updating a theme, and simplicity of adding posts and pages to keep the website updated.

I hope to post on the blog more often now, and hope you enjoy the new website!

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