Handbook of Neurosurgery by Greenberg

Those in the neurosurgery circles are pretty excited about Dr. Mark Greenberg’s new edition of the Handbook of Neurosurgery hitting shelves soon.

Dr. Greenberg, a neurosurgeon and director of neurosurgery in Florida, is most widely known for his work producing this book.  This book has been considered by many in the neurosurgery world as the “bible” of neurosurgery.  Every student who is interested in neurosurgery is advised to get one, every neurosurgery resident has one close, and every neurosurgery attending has at least a couple sitting on his bookshelf.

Just today, Dr. Greenberg on his blog posted a contest with the prize being a free copy of his newest edition.  I threw my name in the hat and I won!

I never won a contest before.  I feel awesome!