Cost of the Private Pilots License

Well my final bill came in from Quest Aviation. Now, as promised I can post what it cost me down to the cent for my private pilots license for all of you interested wanna-be pilots. As you’ll recall from my earlier post “Intro To Private Pilot” I summed up what it cost to get started, and I’ll be using those numbers in my grand total for the expenses of a license.

First off what did Quest Aviation estimate it would cost to get the license?

40 Hours of Cessna 172 Rental = $4720
20 Hours of Instructor Time = $800
Training Materials = $330
FAA Written Exam = $100
FAA Practical Test = $300

Grand Total: $6250

Keep in mind, in this estimate they do not include the cost of a medical physical which is required to fly solo. So did it actually cost that much? Here are my figures:

Discovery Flight = $92.56
Book Kit (King’s School Kit) = $344.75
Third Class Medical Physical = $148.00

Instructor Time & Plane Rental (In both Cessna 150 and 172-S models) = $5301.27
Sectional Map (For cross-country flying) = $9.25
David Clark Headset (Optional – but I couldn’t help myself) = $325.00
Oral Exam Guide = $12.95
FAA Written = $100.00
Huron Landing Fee (Those jerks) = $10.60
FAA Check Ride Fee = $320.00

MY GRAND TOTAL: $6664.38

Was it worth it? Totally.