The Check Ride

The Private Pilot Check Ride is scheduled for tomorrow at 8 AM, assuming weather is VFR. I am extremely excited and a little nervous to be wrapping up my journey to a private pilots license. It was a couple short months ago (May 13th according to my log book) that I had my discovery ride, and started my first lesson on May 22nd. Assuming I graduate tomorrow, I go from first lesson to finished check ride in exactly 10 weeks – logging 41.2 flying hours.

According to my flight instructor I am the fastest person to ever finish the private pilots program under her. That made me feel pretty cool.

If you are considering getting your pilot’s license you can probably knock it out even faster than I did if you are really dedicated to it. I recommend Quest Aviation in Tea, SD. They are very good people, extremely experienced, and do a great job teaching the material. They love to fly, and it really rubs off on you when you’re around them.