My $10.60 Bathroom Break

Normally I don’t get charged for using the bathroom, but today was a different story.

Today I was trying to finish up some hours for my pilot’s license. I wanted to go to an airport I hadn’t been before, so I decided to fly to Huron, SD. About 3/4ths of the way to Huron, nature was calling. So, instead of just landing and taking off right away, I thought I’d take a bathroom break.

After landing in Huron, someone from the FBO came out and directed me towards a parking spot. I shut down, got out of the plane, and was asked if I needed fuel.

“Nope, nope, I just really need to use the bathroom. Could you show me where it is?”

“So you don’t need fuel or anything?”


“Ok, that will be a $10 landing fee.”

“Excuse me?”

“$10 landing fee.”

“Where’s the bathroom?”

“Inside that building and second door on the left.”

So I ran in and used the restroom. After I came out I explained that I was just a student flying up to get some hours. I was not aware of the landing fee, or even how to look up if an airport charged a landing fee, and I only needed to use the restroom.

The FBO attendant said, “Well actually there isn’t really a place to look up whether an airport charges a landing fee. But we’ve been charging a landing fee for three or four years now. That’ll be $10.60.”

I say shame on Huron FBO for nickel and diming students. That is just ridiculous.