Intro To Private Pilot

Are you curious how much it costs to start working on your private pilots license? Here’s my personal numbers.

Discovery Flight (Is this something you actually want to do? Or is flying over-rated?) = $92.56
Book Kit (Includes classroom CDs with video lectures, pilot tools, textbook, and bag) = $344.75
Third Class Medical Physical (Are you physically fit enough in the eyes of the FAA?) = $148.00
Grand Total: $585.31

So there it is all out in the open. What it cost me to start working on my private pilot’s is just under $600. Quest Aviation in Tea estimates my final cost will be in the neighborhood of $6200. Stay tuned to find out how close that approximation actually is.

Finally, fun update – currently logged 18.5 hours of overall flight-time. Currently 2.8 of those hours are solo, and 1.6 hours are simulated instrument flight. I’ll be keeping you posted on how my cross-country flights go!