Primary Care Preceptorship

Today, I had my preceptorship with a Family Medicine doctor at the McGreevy clinic on west 41st street in Sioux Falls. It was a good day, we saw a well rounded sample of patients from psych to a red toe.

First of all, during my day today, I really felt like I was connecting with the little kids. Something about the pediatric cases really seemed like it was up my alley. I was not expecting to ever go into any kinds of pediatric specialty, but now I might have to give it some consideration.

The other thing that I really noticed today was the door dance. The equivalent of the middle school dance in the exam rooms. During our after-clinic medical student dinner get-together, we brought up how weird it was to stand in a little exam room and try to get out the door. Other medical students went in to see a patient with an attending and a resident or another student. So a medical student, an attending, a second student (or resident) and a patient crammed into a tiny exam room.

As you can probably imagine the patient and attending would be the farthest into the room, while the first year medical student would be closest to the door (ie: farthest from the patient). When the clinic visit wraps up, as a first year trying to make a good impression, you want to open the door for the patient and higher up medical people to go out the door ahead of you. But due to the tremendously small amount of room you have to work with, you just throw open the door and walk out first like you’re dying to get out of there.

This probably doesn’t leave a good impression on the attending, but what can you do?