University of Nebraska Medical Center (UNMC) Neurosurgery Shadow

So I skipped school today.  

Yesterday I went down to Omaha, NE to spend the night with Bryan Krajeski – one of my good friends from my fraternity.  I would like to thank him for his hospitality.  

This morning at 3:30 am (because I was too excited to sleep), I got out of bed at Krajeski’s house and took a shower.  I left his house at 4:30 am for UNMC and arrived in the Neurosurgery residents’ office at 5 am.  Soon after I arrived, a third-year medical student from UNMC (actually his 7th year because of the MD/PhD) came in.  Then the intern arrived who was an ENT intern rotating on the neurosurgery service.  Then the chief and another resident.  Everyone was extremely welcoming and nice.  I felt like a part of the team from the very beginning (albeit a stupid, inexperienced, and useless part of the team – the point is I felt welcome and not a burden).  

The intern and the other student went to start rounding at one floor and the chief and I started rounding on all the patients in the random parts of the hospital.  Lady with really bad seizures, a girl who attempted a flip and broke her noggin, guy in car accident before christmas and still in coma, gigantic aneurysm in the basilar artery, another aneurysm in the carotid artery, headache guy who ended up having a pituitary adenoma were seen all before 7 am.  Then off to Tumor Board, which was at another hospital.  Interesting, but when you dim the lights to look at films its really hard to keep your eyes open.  

Back to UNMC, angiogram, clinic, aneurysm clipping, rounding.  Done at the hospital at 7 pm.  Made it home at 9 pm. I am physically exhausted, but still feel so excited.  

 I learned tons.  I met a lot of friendly residents and attendings.  I think I may have setup my research for the summer.  And I’m so glad I skipped class today.