Sanford School of Medicine Review [Part 2]

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Please visit the Sanford School of Medicine MD Program site for a better breakdown.  This year tuition and fees came out to about $22,000 for South Dakota residents.  We are one of the most inexpensive medical schools in the nation.  Also, we have a dedicated Financial Aid Advisor for medical students, and she works with you to get you on a budget and find the money you need to go to school.  


I have to admit, Vermillion isn’t the most stimulating place on the planet.  It is small, cold, and there is not a lot to do.  But there are some perks that go with living in any small town.  No problems parking, no traffic, cost of living is low, and you always know someone (or know someone that knows someone – only one or two degrees of separation) that is connected to anything in town.  


While the reputation is low among pre-meds, I believe/hear that the Sanford School of Medicine is actually very popular among high-profile residency programs.  The administration and upper class-men have told us time and time again that the clinical training at this school is second-to-none.  Medical students work directly with attendings and we gain a lot of experience!  Residency programs look for our students because they know we have that mid-western work ethic and we have a lot of clinic experience.  It has been said that our fourth years are allowed to do a lot more as a student here then they are allowed to as an intern in many residency programs.  The class of 2008 had 3/50 students match into a dermatology residency.  Dermatology is the most competitive residency in the nation and 6% of last year’s class matched into it.  To give you an idea, if only US seniors (approximately 15,000) matched into dermatology (approximately 400 spots) then on average 2.5% of medical students nation-wide match into it.  So, our class of 2008 over doubled that.  That’s pretty impressive.